Electric Vehicles 2020-2030

Electric Vehicles 2020-2030 is the most definitive market report for the electric vehicle industry spanning land, sea, and air.
This report includes detailed sections on: passenger cars, buses, light commercial vehicles, medium & heavy duty trucks, micro-EVs, construction, agriculture, mining, aircraft, and marine. For each category a granular 10-year market forecast has been given by units, market value, and batter capacity.
The electrification of transportation sector will be one of the largest upheavals in market dynamics over the next two decades. There will be significant winners and notable losers across the supply chain. Many actors are wise to this and preparing accordingly, but others are progressing blindly into this revolution. Across the industry there are emerging players and, with the evolution of autonomous mobility, emerging markets such as robot shuttles, sky taxis, and agricultural equipment.
For each of the categories, a deep-dive analysis is provided. IDTechEx analysts are truly embedded in the field and couple primary information with a deep technical understanding and granular forecasting. Technology constraints, key players, addressable markets, strategic pitfalls, market drivers, and timelines to commercial success are addressed for each section.
The science and engineering improvements cannot be overlooked for a true understanding of what is to come. Developments from the materials to complete component level are being observed for lithium-ion battery (cell, module, and pack level), traction motors, power electronics, thermal management, charging infrastructure and more. The market analysis is also systematically broken down by powertrain type to give the reader a full appraisal of how each sectors segmentation. IDTechEx leverages its extensive technical background in these topics to provide clear independent outlooks for each scenario.
Within each sector there are key geographical variations. China has taken a commanding position in many and as well as addressing the local market demand the manufacturers are gaining traction internationally. However, each region has different market trends and drivers mostly led by their own national incentives.
Despite other markets undergoing a transformation, the electric passenger-car market will have the largest impact. A 20-year outlook models the impact of mobility-as-a-service to cause the total car market to drop. A regional breakdown is given for plug-in variants as this "peak-car" scenario is realised. Nevertheless, the passenger cars will be the biggest demand for battery capacity in the mid-term and continue to grab the most attention. A holistic independent appraisal of this market is included for the reader.
This market report acts as the definitive guide for all the future winners and losers of this electric revolution. Strategic decisions over the coming years will be significant as to the future success of companies and nations alike. Expensive, if not irredeemable, mistakes will be made from those in denial about this transition.